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Fencing 20th May 2019
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A few thoughts on Fencing.....
Modern fencing is a wonderful sport for both men and women. It can be particularly rewarding for women, because it is one of only a few sports in which, in their Fencing Club, they compete equally with men – success relies on developing tactics and a sense of distance and timing, rather than strength and force.

Fencing is an ancient form of self-defence, tracing back to the Bronze-age and pre-history. Through the middle ages and particularly during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries fencing became synonymous with honour and chivalry, though in the twentieth century it was perhaps most often represented in the public consciousness by the exploits of Dumas’s musketeers! Fencing was practised across all European nations – Napoleon, Dickens, Marx, Michaelangelo, Mozart, and Churchill were all good fencers – and its popularity lives on today as an Olympic sport: one of the very few sports to have been included in all the Games of the Modern Era.

Modern fencing codifies this rich heritage, and preserves “the character of a courteous and frank encounter” (F.I.E. article 28). Fast, yet elegant, fencing successfully links the traditions of yesterday with the technology, and expectations, of today.

A bit of a tricky one because it rather depends on whether you have in mind a larger group of students, or a smaller group. Either way, I supply all the equipment, and a venue unless you have a better one.

Incidentally, my fencing lessons include a lot of 1-to-1 work (it's a bit like learning to drive), so I prefer not have more than 10 students. 12 maximum.

For 8 or more students I charge 5.00 per student per session, which includes the equipment I supply, but does not include the cost of the venue. For fewer than 8, they must share the burden of 40.00, but bear in mind that the fewer people, the more of a "private lesson" it becomes.

Best, honestly, to 'phone me (on 020 8295 0626), and we can discuss it. All decisions absolutely yours.

Fencing #02It's a wonderful sport !

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