Gary Whelan
Fencing Teacher and Coach

Home 20th May 2019

Fencing teacher in Bromley and Chislehurst, Kent.

Welcome to my website. Thank you for visiting.

I am a qualified, accredited coach with the British Academy of Fencing, Britain's foremost fencing coaching organisation.

I teach fencing to adults and school students. I teach in fencing clubs and schools, State and Independent, both in the curriculum and in after-school clubs. I also give private lessons to small groups and individuals.

If you do not have fencing kit of your own, I will provide everything you need: jacket, plastron, mask, glove, and sword.

Fencing expresses respect – for oneself and for one’s opponent. It is blind to gender, colour, and class: one is simply facing the person, in a mask, at the other end of the fencing piste. There’s not much conversation, and money doesn’t help.

Fencing is among the very safest of sports. Clothing and equipment have to meet rigorous and continually updated standards, and are manufactured using the most modern materials and techniques - such as Kevlar and Maraging steel - making incidents and accidents extremely rare.

For more about Fencing, including information about lessons and costs, please click on the "Fencing" page, above.

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